Laser Photon Therapy

red light beams
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We are excited to be one of the first equine/canine health facilities to bring Laser Photon Therapy to the equine/canine rehabilitation industry. We have the most state of art equipment in laser technology: the patented, Immunogenic 2000 Photon Laser Therapy machine.

This new laser technology utilizes absorptive rather than penetrative photon energy and is the only one of its kind. It stimulates the body’s use of nitric oxide, producing sustained, accelerated healing locally and boosts the body’s immune system.

I’ve found the Ig 2000 to be an effective adjunctive therapy in multiple equine and small animal cases. Local and systemic infection as well as geriatric orthopedic disease seem to react very quickly and positively to this therapy.

D. Rykoff, DVM